Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Written Text Analysis

I used different fonts for the child's speech and the adult's speech, to differentiate between the two and to signify age. The font Bradley Hand Ict looks child like and playful which represents a young age of the child, very much like 'A Heart in a Bottle' which uses a child like font, always like a child's handwriting on the title page, to convey the story is focussed around the child. The adult's speech was written in Arial, which suggests a formal, authoritative character, or perhaps because it is a widely used font it suggests a neutral character, which the adult's character is because I chose to never identfy the adult as a parent, grandparent or carer. I chose to do this because I believe it is irrelevant, as the child is the key character and the focus should be on them, very much like the multimodal text 'Inanimate Alice', where the characters are never shown, becaus the story is more about the adventure and the different modes used to create he adventure, for example sound, colour saturation and splitscreens. I think changing the font to signify properties of a character helps to create a real picture of the character, assisting a child audience with their imagination when reading a text. As well as changing the font, I took an idea from the book 'Granpa', with the child's speech written in italics. I think this is effective because the use of italics connotes the questioning or curiousity of the child, which again assists the audience in picturing the character. In addition to this, italics gives the speech a playful feel, perhaps mischievious very much like the young child in my text and 'Granpa'.

The use of colour was very important for me throughout, including the colour of the speech. In 'Inanimate Alice' the writing is white, which allows it to be seen against the dark backgrounds however the white seems to suggest an innocence, in contrast with the dark, dangerous colours showing the story. I used a dark pink colour for the child's speech because it suggests gender of a girl, particularly with the darker shade perhaps suggesting naughtiness or cheekiness, which reflects the child's personality. I used black writing for the adult's voice to again avoid gender, so that the audience can decide who the carer is and also because I feel it is irrelevant to the story. Colours can also suggest mood, which I think the dark pink connotes perhaps danger, which suggests that something may go wrong within the story for the little girl, which is similar to 'Granpa' in its pictures that have bright colours to represent positive moods, and dark colours when the mood is negative.

The size of my writing stayed consistent throughout the multimodal text, until the last three slides. I did enlarge the words 'I WANT' to highlight the title and the to create a rhythm within the text, which I shall discuss later. I think the enlargement of these words allows a child audience to interact with it, perhaps shouting 'I WANT' when it appears, which creates a fun, playful atmosphere to the text. The use of size to emphasise the words has been very important to the text, particularly at the end of the writing to show significance within the storyline, for example enlarging the last 'BE CAREFUL DARLING' through changing the size and the use of capital letters highlights that it is an important moment in the story, and also suggests shouting and  warning. I slightly took this iea from the book 'Granpa' because although the text stays the same size, the size of the pictures is used to signify importance of events and characters. At the very start and end of the story, the pictures of the little girl, the granpa and the chair are very big, and on many other pages too, which draws focus on the characters because they are the key signifiers of the story. The enlargement of the armchair on the last page, is used very much like the enlargement of my speech on the last slide, to portray a message, to suggest something has been changed without specificly saying what, and as said before to show a warning, or a shock.

From the books 'I want my potty' and 'We're going on a bear hunt', I really liked the use of repetition in the written words, because it is interactive allowing the audience to join in with the rhythmic patterns of the story. I wanted to incorporate this into my own text, using the repetition of 'I want' and 'Be careful darling', so that a child audience would be able to read along with the words and to know what will come next. Although this may seem monotonous for an adult audience, children enjoy shouting out repeated words because they can anticipate what comes next. This repetition is also shown slightly in one of the short films we watched about a couple who repeated romantic gestures using post its, this short film immediately gave a child like feel because as an audience we could anticipate what was coming and it was very simple. 

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