Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Sound Analysis

In 'Inanimate Alice', sound is used to create mood, atmosphere, pace and also like many other modes, it used to assist the audience's imagination, to make a story feel real. The latter factor interested me because I feel the sounds within the multimodal text made it feel very real, for example with the white noise used for the phone reception, which made the story more believable. I think the sounds draw you in, which is what I wanted to use in my own multimodal text with real sounds. The modal structure I was accessing was of a park area, with the different areas of a park including a dog walking field, a ball court,  open grass space, and a pond are. The noises that we would assume to hear in a park are the noises I included in my own multimodal text, for example even  duck doesn't necessarily say 'quack 'quack', the noise represented what we expect a duck to sound like. Also, I used the sound of a child laughing to represent the little girl playing and having fun as well as the little girl crying, which gives the child a voice, In 'Animate Alice' this does not happen, as you never see the characters or hear them, and so although I chose for the character not to be shown, I think it was important to add reality to the story with real noises. I decided not to use music to create pace, because the genre of the story is not that of an adventure story, it is a child's story and the pace is used through speech and direction. Also, 'Inanimate Alice' used splitscreens and music to create a structure very similar to a film, but I chose to do the opposite by adding in the sound of a page turning and using a particular slide transition which resembled a page turning right to left, to give the illusion of a multimodal book, even if it is not a physical book to hold.

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