Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Positionality Analysis

The positionality of the characters in my own text was taken from the 'Granpa' book, with the main characters always positioned on the left, and the less significant characters on the right. Due to the text involving animation, unlike in the books, I ensured that the main character would move across the page left to right, to show its importance as well as the direction of the story. This also helps to guide the audience through the story, as if they can follow and move along with the characters. However, there is a difference when the duck comes in from the right side, which shows a change in positionality, suggesting that the duck is an important character.

The positioning of the adult's speech always remains at the top of the slides, to show the height of the adult in comparison with the bicycle which remains at the bottom of the page. The hierachy of signifiers shows age and height. As mentioned before, the 'Granpa' story has the picture of the granpa as large, and because there is not a physical picture of the adult, the high position of the speech reresents that height or authoritative position of the carer with the child. With the other objects always positioned at a similar height to the girl, I think this allowed the multimodal text to look real, as these objects would normally be at a low level. 'Inanimate Alice' used splitscreens, which made it resemble an action film, a fiction film, and so the positionality of the pictures and objects did not reflect that of real dimensions and heights, something I wanted to create.

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