Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Order/Direction Analysis

To create order, I used different buttons, very similar to the arrows in 'Inanimate Alice' however I wanted my buttons to relate to my story rather than just be arrows or a shape that we assume to be related to directions. I used a leaf to turn the page, because I thought it related to the consistent background of nature and the park areas, and also linked it to the saying 'take a leaf out of a book'. The button of little girl's gloves, used to make the different objects move, I thought related to hands making something move, as if the gloves represent a 'doing' button. I added a glow around the two to ensure they looked like buttons, differentiating them from the other objects in the picture, this was taken from 'Inanimate Alice' where the button would enlarge when the mouse was hovered over it, and so the glow/enlargement allows the audience to recognise that the object is a button that will lead them through the story.

Also, I used the speech to create direction of the character, rather than to lead the audience through the story itself. I took this idea from 'Inanimate Alice' where the speech moves in the direction to show Alice's tracks, which is effective because it is more interesting way to show direction, particularly when the physical character is never shown. The bicycle and the speech represent the little girl in my multimodal text, and so the direction that the two of these move, represents the movement on the little girl. Also, the direction from left to right which signifies the girl is the main character, as the main characters in stories always start on the right side of the page.

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