Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Genre Analysis

The use of repetition and signifiers of character features were found to effective when analysing short video clips. I used each of these in my own multimodal text to portray a genre of child stories, adventure stories and also very much of a fable with a moral to the story. As I have mentioned before, I have used repetition because it connotes a playful and interactive feel, much like child story genres, very much like the books 'I want my potty' and 'We're going on a bear hunt'. However, I think it is the signifiers of the characters, speech and background that  specifically show the genre, particularly in my own multimodal text. In the book 'Granpa' the features of characters' physical appearance signify age and gender, for example white socks on the girl character remind the audience of little white socks that are worn by small schol children. This is very similar to the short video about the couple, as the lady wore a hair clip in her very similar to what we assume young girls to wear, and so these physical features signify a child like genre, a playful book, perhaps innocent like a child's story book. In my own text, the bicycle is pink and white, with stabilisers which immediately connotes it is a genre relating to children. The stabilisers signify that there is something new being learned, and so the genre could be seen as a fable, with a message to be learned by the audience as well as the character. This is very similar to most children's fairy tales such as 'Goldilocks' where the character and children reading learn something new from the story. 

Also, after analysing the story books' title pages, the genre can be predicted by the colours, writing and the signifiers. The title page of my own text has a background of a park/grass area which shows that the story is a light relief, not like a horror genre which might have dark colours. I took this idea from 'Granpa' as the background is a beach setting with brigh colours, which represents a happy feel, a child story genre of fun and play. Also, the pink bicycle and the pink writing, link the two together, and suggest it may be a young girl's story, however the green wild park area would appeal to boys, which allows the genre to come across as a story for all children. The park area and bicycle connote playing at the park, with a genre of travelling, a journey and exploring. Also, the dark pink 'I WANT' title suggests a spoiled child, perhaps connotes that something may go wrong in the story, with a genre of disaster.

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