Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own MultiModal Text - Framing Analysis

In 'Granpa', the framing changes every other page from use of white space and pictures to the whole picture and background taking up the page. This is similar to the 'Heart in a Bottle', as the background picture takes up the whole page with white space used in only some of the pages. I wanted to use this in my own multimodal text, with the whole background taking up the whole page. The background of park spaces, where the child characters are discovering and playing, represents the freedom of the child playing, particularly outside in natural space, it portrays the open space for the child to roam and play. I think is really effective for the children reading too, because it allows their imagination to roam free as well. I chose not to have any white spaces with small pictures because I think that gives the page an intimate, tight feeling which I did not want to portray in my own story.

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