Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Own Multimodal Text - Colours Analysis

After analysis of 'Inanimate Alice', 'Granpa', the short videos and the other story books, the use of colour seems to be extremely significant in portraying moods, setting and character features. I used intertextuality of 'Inanimate Alice' and 'Granpa' as I feel the colours used in them were very important in creating meaning. From 'Inanimate Alice', the use of colour was used when there was a change in mood, for example the picture was saturated, with dark distorted colouring when there is danger, which I wanted to use in my own text. I cropped and added red flowers to the pond area to signify danger and warning, because red is usually associated with danger. Also, I used yellow for the other objects because yellow reflects a happy feeling, with the child enjoying herself around these things. That contrasts with the red of the flowers at the end of the text which sets the change in the mood, from playful to dangerous.

As said before, the colours the bicycle and speech show the features of the characters, with the different shades of pink and white convey the character is  a little girl, particularly with the tassles and stabilisers which signify age. The story books did not seem to use a pink colour so obviously to signify gender, but seemed to use actual clothing or speech to show whether the characters were old or young, male or female. For example, in 'Granpa' the little girl does not wear pink but does wear skirts, which displays to the audience that she is a girl. Due to my choice not have a physical character, as in 'Inanimate Alice', the bicycle I chose to use in my text had to portray age and gender, for the audience to recognise our assumptions that a little pink bicycle with stabilisers and tassles would be ridden by a little girl. Also the speech was coloured dark pink, rather than a pale pink which would convey innocence, a feeling that is not related to my text. The darker shade suggests the colour of cheekiness and naughtiness, to portray the little girl's personality. 

The setting stays consistent throughout the multimodal text, with green park areas, which suggest a fun day at the park, which is contradicted by the little girl falling in the pond. Also, I wanted to keep the setting background, similar to the 'Granpa' book with every other page showing the next setting. For example, the previous slide would be a wideshot of path and grass and the next slide would show the path up close, and I ensured this happened for each of the slides. I think this is effective because it gives the story structure, much like the book, which allows it to be followed easier and once again the repetition allows a child to anticipate what will come next.

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