Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mode and Affordance Inanimate Alice Episode 4

The modes used to create meaning in 'Inanimate Alice' are the font, the lighting, the sounds and the structure of the page, with the affordances as the way in which modes create this meaning. The font suggests neat handwriting, it is informal displaying that a child is writing, perhaps it connotes that Alice is writing something personal to he audience. The other use of colour is of the solid black background on the first page, this conveys a dark, almost claustrophobic atmosphere, as if the background is closing in on the small white text. The lighting is very similar to the colours, as it is used to create a dark mood, particularly the flickering of white text, which reflects a problem with communication. This distortion becomes confusing for the audience, and it stirs emotions of fear, anticpation much like you would feel if there was a technical fault in the middle of nowhere. The sounds also play a part here, with the use of white noise and the flickering, it ensures that the text is coherent as well as building up tension. I think sound is really important in building an atmosphere for the audience, particularly to signal a change in mood. The use of splitscreens and zooming in using different angles, again adds to the light and sound, to create the feeling of distortion, but action more so. The structure of the pages seems to allow genre to come through, with splitscreens that are used in action films as well as comic books. This is effective because it builds further the sense of anticipation of what comes next, which essentially is what a storyline of any text should do, pull the audience in.

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