Thursday, 6 February 2014

Genre of videos

The genre of a multimodal text refers to how we percieve the different aspects of a text to everyday literature and films, from stories we already know. It's about our expectations of what the text will be about, using the pictures, colours, font and many other signifiers. We looked at short videos and adverts and identied different features of them, relating to other films we had seen. One of the videos was about retro video games taking over a city of sky scrapers, which resembled similar angles of superhero films, or sci-fi action films with the game characters flying around skyscrapers and through the air. Another video we watched was about two people who copied eachother making signs out of post it notes, with each character always doing something bigger. The male and female characters suggested it was a romance, with flowers, hearts and sunshines made out of post it notes. However, there was a child like feel about the video with the repetition that is very popular in children's books, as it creates a running theme and a rhythm. The characters' clothing was child like too as the woman wore a clip in her hair, that would resemble a little girl's hair accesories and the man had floppy messy hair that looked very careless much like a little boy, rather than an office man. These short videos in particular displayed how genre can be shown through angles, repetition and signifiers of character descriptions, which I would like to use in my own multimodal text.

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